How does the service work?

While we may offer you one or more different options for the products or services you require, YourPorter is not a comparison service and it is up to you to determine whether the products or services we recommend are the most favourable options for your circumstances and preferences. The YourPorter service is owned Origin Energy Limited. We may recommend Origin products to you. We also have commercial relationships with all of the other suppliers whose services we may offer to connect you to. We do not necessarily have partnerships with, or recommend services from, all suppliers that may be available in your area.

What happens after I submit my request for connection?

Once you submit your request, we will call you to confirm your details and to obtain your acceptance of the services you have requested. During this call we will present you with offers and plans from our partners for you to choose from. When the call is finished, we will contact your chosen suppliers and get your request(s) moving. 

How much will this service cost me?

Nothing. Our service is FREE. However, if you are switching, you may be subject to charges in relation to your current service, including exit fees. You should check with your current supplier(s) whether exit fees apply. We take a commission from the company that you choose. This commission is a cost-effective way for our partners to advertise and attract brand new customers who may not otherwise be aware of their plans, prices and services.

Why does YourPorter ask for personal details like ID type and date of birth?

YourPorter does not disclose personal information about our customers for any other purpose than to arrange moving services. YourPorter will only disclose this personal information once consent has been obtained. YourPorter only provides to service providers that information which they require to estimate and fulfil the service request. We will not sell any information about our customers. View our privacy policy.

Can I change my connection request?

If you want to amend a connections request please call us on 1300 400 600.

What is a reference number?

This is a unique numeric number that is associated with each customer application.

When can I expect to be contacted?

It is not unusual for YourPorter to speak to you within hours of receiving your details, however we guarantee to contact you by the next business day.

What are ‘cut off times’ for electricity?

‘Cut off times’ are the latest time that electricity companies can receive a request to connect power for the next business day. YourPorter’s cut of time is 12pm for a next business day connection.

What are ‘cut off times’ for Gas?

Gas in 99% of cases, is already running at the property. However, if gas is not connected, it may mean that the previous occupier has outstanding accounts and the gas is ‘plugged’ (switched off).  If this is the case, you need to call us immediately to get this resolved.

Who do I call if I have any queries?

Please contact YourPorter on 1300 400 600.

What should I do if I need an urgent connection?

Whilst suppliers have strict guidelines for connection times, urgent connections can be arranged by contacting YourPorter on 1300 400 600

What is a NMI?

NMI stands for National Metering Identifier.  This is a unique number used by electricity suppliers to identify the electricity meter at residential properties. 

What is a MIRN?

MIRN stands for Meter Installation Reference Number. This is a unique number used by gas suppliers to identify the gas meter at your home. 

Can I have Foxtel connected?

Yes, however, if Foxtel does not currently exist at the property, and the property is a rental, you may require landlord’s permission to make this alteration to the property.